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Swinfin' Safari takes you back to Vintage Surfers Paradise nightlife to the 70's



Swingin Safari - is a collective, a lifestyle brand..'a thing' that started its life in 2003, as a group of friends pooled their skills, to animate a vacant old beachouse & former restaurant, to test a pop up business idea with a 3 month lease...it lasted for 11 years. Lets call it 'action research' for 11 years much as been learnt, it became internationally famous and recognised as a Gold Coast Icon, it brought back the grace of 'the dinner dance' in style.

Now we seek to collaborate, to build on this experience, to educate and guide, organise Events & Festivals that build creative capacity, feature performance from many disciplines, including but not limited to Cabaret, Youth projects, spoken word, solo acoustic, electronic & visual interactive, funk, physical theatre, fashion parades, stand up comedy, Fringe Dj's & Vj's and dance.

Circa 2003-2014 - In one of the toughest economic environments Swingin Safari became something from nothing, its found objects, recycled lounges, hand me downs & leftovers, became collectors pieces @ the Bohemian Bazaar. It became The Star of The Creative Economy & a spark that litup the bright ideas seen today in the use of recycled materials, furniture and quirky stuff .

What unfolded is a concept that captured imaginations...it became a local oasis in a cutural desert, the Frontrunner of the Gold Coast's newfound 'Retro Cool' image.

It rapidly became a Cultural Hub - with a strong community ethos - to explore new work, tell new stories, to provoke and delight audiences, a home for the creative , the fun, the entrepreneur,...to collaborate, promote test their ideas, show their art and perform.

It was a place where people met, made friends and fell in Love......